I Have Fear

a hypnagogic triptych of nightmares

15 minutes

Shot mostly in September 2015 (additional shots were added throughout post production). Completed and premiered March 2017.


  • Premiere 3/3/17 @ Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Encore 3/11/17 @ Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT

Available on Blu Ray 12/16/19

Publicly available on YouTube 10/23/20


Full Credits:

crew (alphabetical):
Michael Biggs - writer, director, editing, music, sound design/editing/mixing
Jeffrey Harding - production assistant
Lexi Johnson - continuity, producer
Devin Ross Richey - cinematography, editing, production sound recording, foley, producer
David Smith - boom operator, production assistant

cast (in order of appearance):
Amelia Matthews-Pett - spooked
Drambus Strangelove - intruder
Sage Paterson - paranoid
Lexi Johnson - Jen (kidnapped)
Ivy Smith - Janice
Taylor Almond - friend
Kelly Dienes - friend
Jacob Hall - friend
Keith Sullivan - friend
Kevin Phillips - conjurer
Geoffrey Leonard - Belias the Pale
Braden J McKenna - sleeper
Karley Parker - spirit body of conjurer
Andrew Alba - spirit body of Jen / demon

Contact Michael Biggs for screenings or additional info.